Bajan Police
Bajan Police

Bridgetown, Barbados, October 14, 2018 – A decision by the Government of Barbados to send a six man team to join the Regional Security System in St. Kitts and Nevis at the request of Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, has been met with widespread criticism in Bridgetown. 

According to Barbados Today, police officers from Barbados left to join the RSS mission to St Kitts and Nevis. 

“The Government of Barbados through its commitment to the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas committed a six member team which will be rotated every three weeks until the end of the mission,” the media house said. 

But many in Barbados have expressed outrage.  

”Who helping we?” asked Daphne Griffith. 

What? Barbados has its own set of problems. Let’s clean that mess up first. Seems as though if they have a good ideas at fighting crime, they would practice at home first. I for one would love that,” posted Gail Agard Wallace. 

Kylie Kylie wrote: “Sad to say but we can’t even help we own self right now in Barbados furthermore help another country.” 

“We can’t stop crime here and helping others to …hmm am lost,” said Clive Walrond. 

Lita Lita: “Home drums beat first.” 

Lurleen Clarke: “Fix ur home first.” 

Patriarch Godfrey Gregg: “Are you kidding me? What happened to the crimes in Barbados?” 

Vynita Kanhai: “Wait wait what the hell am I seeing here. Like seriously.” 

“This sound so wrong in so many ways,” wrote Adonna Hamblin. 

Johnny Crow: The complement of the Royal Barbados Police Force needs to be enhanced to the numbers the Police Commissioner says he needs. We need more policemen, not more soldiers. They do an excellent job despite the staff shortage, but burnout is a concern. 

Alley Katt said “Barbados needs to clean it own yard before to clean a neighbour one. Look I thought clown season was over since May, never a dull moment on this island.” 

“And who Barbados will get help from Re Gun Violence)?” asked Huzi Bdos. 

Breadfruit said: “Damm peeps. It isn’t like BPF taking over the duties of all of St. Kitts, they lending 7 officers to help make up a group from the other islands that will help out. It is like BDF helping out in Dominica after the hurricane. Even less than that. Cheeze on bread winnuh too damn picky. “ 

Sharon Jacobs said: “Mannnnnn Barbados today wanna need to stop dat…d headline tho…man d RSS is an ongoing ting…I swear dat Barbados just pick officers n say” go St. Kitts n help

ketch d criminals.smh.” 

“So who helping we?” asks Charles Cadogan. 

“As a tourist to Barbados, I didn’t even know crime was bad in Barbados?” said Tom Gray. 

“Really? Who’s helping Barbados?,” posted Valdene Lucas. 

“WAIT WHAT? Wonna can’t even control d crime in Barbados and gone trying to control it somewhere else, so it is safe to say that “home drums beat first” gone out with the bath water just like everything else….typical Bajans, know how de france to deal with everybody’s business but their own..smdh,” wrote Pat BB 

“This is the same force that complains about manpower shortage,” wrote Sheldine Dyall. 

“Wait… we need help for ourselves,” said Razia Hafeji. 

“Be careful guys we want you all back home safe,” posted Patsy Yearwood. 

“Somebody made a mistake. That should of read Barbados is getting some needed assistance from the St Kitts police force to fight crime in Barbados,” posted Cheryl Alleynes. 

“Really? Is this some kind of a joke? Barbados can I’ll afford to take of the crime taking place on the Island, but this nonsense is typical of the stupid business that takes place in Barbados. We need to learn about cleaning our own window, before going to clean other people,” said Pauline Taitt.   

“What the heck they need better security at them airports because them guns are coming in to kill our youth!” said Billie Joe Thompson. 

“Lol this real funny and we struggling get our own crime under control,” posted Amelia Gittens.

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