Dr Drew labels government ministers visit to the Cayon High School “a failure, incompetence and lack of care”

Dr Drew labels government ministers visit to the Cayon
High School “a failure, incompetence and lack of care”

Basseterre, St Kitts, September 11, 2019 – Ending with hashtags #PrayForCayon#EducationIsABasicNeed#MoldCanBeDeadly and #HelpIsOnTheWay, Terrance Drew, a physician who is committed to first class representative for the residents of St Christopher 8 when elected to the National Assembly, has labelled as a “failure, incompetence and lack of care” a visit by government ministers wearing dust masks during a tour of the mold-infested Cayon High School.
Dr Drew in a posting on social media pointed out that it was in 2018 that teachers, staff and students were becoming sick at the Cayon High School.
“Testing was done at the school by the local scientists who confirmed high levels of mold and other environmental health hazards. I did not speak about the situation because I thought that even though it might seem politically advantageous, I decided to wait and give the authorities a chance to respond. Up until July nothing was done. The teachers were promised that all will be rectify by the time school opens (on September 2, 2019). Fast-forward to the week before school opened and teachers were being forced to go back to the school by the authorities even though they knew that the school might not be safe,” said Dr Drew.
He pointed out that the teachers rightfully stood their ground and refused to enter, forcing the school to be tested which revealed mold.
“Today, the school stands closed,” he added and labelled the situation at the Cayon High School. “a disgraceful failure.”
“They (Ministry of Education, Hon Shawn Richards and Parliamentary Representative, Hon Eugene Hamilton) had the whole summer to bring all resources to bear to help the students, staff, parents and community. However the situation was not rectified.”
He said as a result of the inaction, the community of Cayon “is hurting because of failure, incompetence and lack of care.”
He emphasized that the Basseterre Hight School which had no major mold problem was closed and left abandoned to rot on the alter of politics, as the Team Unity Government was ‘erring on the side of caution and going against all scientific studies done by local scientists, CARPHA, CARIRI and NIOSH.”
He asked some logical questions: “why is there no discussion for a new state of the art Cayon High School since it has a worse problem than Basseterre High School?”
“Why isn’t Eugene Hamilton ‘erring on the side of caution’ and call for a brand new state of the art Cayon High School? Is it because it’s Cayon and anything goes, that even when they are in a worse situation they can’t get a new school?”
Dr Drew called on “all teachers, students and workers who were exposed to be checked ASAP and that the government pay for all medical cost incurred.”
“That discussion for a significant upgrade of the Cayon High School be done, including a new High School. That a nurse be placed at the school and that CXC be informed of the psychological stress of the students and teachers.

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