Recants On Need For Expert Witness

Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas
Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas

Today Friday April 20th, Attorney General Vincent Juicy Byron told High Court Judge Trevor Ward QC that despite the Government’s previous application demanding an expert witness to support their Dominican passport case against the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, the government had not filed any papers with the Court in relation to that matter. On February 20th, the Attorney General asked for an adjournment of court proceedings “TO SEEK AN EXPERT IN DOMINICAN LAW” to buttress the case which he and Prime Minister Timothy Harris have maliciously brought against Dr. Douglas.

In a strange turn of events which appears to be nothing more than an abuse of Court procedures, the government has today, April 20th, asked for yet another adjournment to file papers to show why “NO EXPERT WITNESS IS REQUIRED.” This is the exact opposite of what the government side requested only two months ago.

On the other hand, Dr. Douglas has filed with the Court details relating to an expert witness who will show why the Government’s case is a frivolous one. It appears that Timothy Harris and his Attorney General cannot find an expert witness who is able or willing to support the frivolous case which they have brought.

It is now absolutely clear that the government does not want the case to be tried and have sought instead to use delay tactics to prevent its hollow case from being quashed by the Court.

Moreover, in an attempt to further politicise the court case, Attorney General Vincent Byron and his team requested that the Dominican passport be handed over to them. Attorneys for Dr. Douglas refused that request but agreed to provide Dr. Douglas’ passport to the judge so that other details filed by Dr. Douglas can be verified. Dr. Douglas intends to be fully transparent in these proceedings as he is absolutely confident that he would be victorious over his political foes who have brought this case maliciously.

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