Grant Encourage Supporters To Disrupt Labour Meeting.

Photo showing some PAM Supporters at the SKNLP Meeting in Old Road. (Feb 6th)

Supporters of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), specifically, members of Hon. Lindsay Grant’s Executive created a ruckus last evening, February 6th, during a public meeting hosted by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party in Old Road.

Video recording currently circulating shows the PAM supporters shouting and making loud slurs at the SKNLP candidates and SKNLP supporters during the meeting.

Numerous efforts were made to remove the trouble makers from the meeting, but efforts were futile until supporters of the SKNLP got equally boisterous.

Persons from the community recount Hon. Lindsay Grant having a meeting with his supporters prior to the start of the SKNLP meeting. There, allegedly, Hon. Grant encouraged his supporters to attend the meeting in their yellow shirts and be very disruptive.

The act has brought about even more disdain to Grant’s character, as persons express great disappointment in the government minister and his followers.


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