The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has erupted in a spate of shootings creating a murderous mayhem. On Saturday August 18th in the earliest hours of the morning, Police Sergeant Leon ‘Shabba’ Powell was gunned down in a hail of bullets by armed, masked gangsters who wreaked havoc in the little village near the most north-western tip of St. Kitts. The hatful of gunnings which have turned the island of St. Kitts topsy-turvy since that time gives credence to view that Sergeant Powell’s death may not have been a robbery as purported by the police but rather a designed execution ordered by some government high-up. This theory is fueled by the fact that only three months ago another Police Sergeant, Dwight Davis from the neighbouring village of St. Pauls, was executed almost a stone’s throw from the Dieppe Bay Police Station.

Sergeants Leon Powell and Dwight Davis
Sergeants Leon Powell and Dwight Davis

What Davis and Powell had in common are that they were senior police officers from the district represented by Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas and held a political view not welcomed by Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr. Timothy Harris. Since Harris took office, social media characters some of whom are suspected to be Harris himself, his brother Lenworth Harris, and husband of Akilah Nisbett (Alexis Nisbett), have been issuing death threats against supporters of the Opposition. Threats have been even issued on multiple occasions against Dr. Denzil Douglas, Leader of the Opposition, himself. Senior Police Officer McCarta Browne and Wallace Wilkin are also suspected of using the same social media profiles.


In the meantime, the shootings are not letting up. Kasim Buchanan of Sandy Point was riddled with bullets on Monday near Nevis Street, less than 200 meters from Police Headquarters. He died on the spot becoming the Federation’s 19th murder for the year 2018.

Yesterday, Tuesday August 21st, apparently in a retaliatory campaign, shooting for the second time in two days erupted near Nevis Street in Basseterre. A lone gunman on foot, shot and injured 20-year-old Lesbian Henry of Nevis Street early Tuesday evening. While three other young men escaped injury, Henry was struck by a bullet in his right thigh.

Today, shootings have broken out in Taylor’s Village in Basseterre. Neighbourhoods are extremely terrified at the rapidly decaying state of affairs and are cringing at the seeming nonchalance and indifference of Prime Minister Harris.

Apparently we are there. St. Kitts and Nevis has at last become the Wild, Wild West.

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