Citizens continue to lambaste Prime Minister Harris over escalating crime

Harris does not care about crime solution
Harris does not care about crime solution

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 25, 2018 – Nationals continue to express concern that there have been no serious apprehensions and arrests of persons connected to the recent spate of outrageous criminal activities including murders, attempted murders and armed robberies in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“In a small 68 square mile island, criminals seem to have lots of hiding places whereas mega-size countries have been catching up with the criminals,” said Gealta Langley, a veteran nurse who has worked in the Federation and the United States.

Pointing to Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris’ boast of installing over 300 closed circuit tv cameras in the Basseterre area, Ms. Langley ask “what purpose do the Street Cameras serve?”

“Why boast of CCTV? Why boast of injecting the most money into crime fighting and no desired result? Why boast of having a National Security Adviser? Why say crime is trending down and citizens continue to live in fear?” asked Langley adding: “You cannot be doing the same thing and get a different result.”

She is of the firmed view that crime is not a political or social football “because in the process lives are being lost and people are affected” and pointed out that in opposition, the PLP/CCM/PAM coalition led by Dr. Timothy Harris has “made crime a political and social football and promised if elected to curb crime, but years later crime within the Federation has worsened.”

“To date there are 19 murders, multiple attempted murders, shootings, armed robberies and rapes,” she pointed out, and stating that Prime Minister Harris lacks leadership with only lip service being offered and that will not work!”

Langley noted that it was one week ago Saturday that she woke up to the sad news “of the horrendous murder of Police Sergeant Leon Powell.”

“Since his cold-blooded murder, in less than 72 hours, another young man’s lifeless body was found in Nevis Street, Basseterre violently murdered also. Following these two murders, there was an attempted murder within the vicinity (Nevis Street) where the second murder took place and as though that wasn’t enough another shooting was reported in the Taylor’s Village area, but no one was injured,” said Langley

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