Tourism Minister,Lindsay Grant still to deliver on low airfares on AA to St Kitts-Nevis; Nationals sound-off.

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Basseterre, St Kitts, October 3, 2019 – Nearly a year after promising the people of St Kitts and Nevis that they will begin to benefit from lower airfares on American Airlines, Minister of Tourism, Hon Lindsay Grant is yet to deliver.
During the 2019 Budget debate in December 2018, Mr. Grant promised that come March 2019, persons travelling between St Kitts and Miami on American Airlines will pay 30% less for airfare.
Grant disclosed at the time that an agreement was signed between the Team Unity Government and American Airlines that would see travellers paying as little as US$517 round trip, as opposed to the current fares of US$1000-$1800.
On October 3, 2019, Terrance Kieron Martin said American Airlines airfare from Dallas-ForthWorth, Texas, would cost him US$1,360.
“How in God’s green earth and under his hot sun is this the price to come home for Xmas? Like didn’t they say that rates to SK reduced? This is doubled! This is ridiculous. And messing with dates don’t change a damn thing. It’s even worse from Utah … I went to China for $500, traveled around 5 countries in South East Asia, and it’s still cheaper than this!” posted Martin.
His posting has triggered several comments with persons quoting a round trip airfare of US$1110 to US$1600 from Miami to St.Kitts.
“There should be a rate for nationals returning home. Imagine this price but doubled again because my son is now at the “adult” ticket level.”
“I was checking flights since back in April for different times of the year. At one point it was up to $1600.”
“Unfortunately for Caribbean islands like St Kitts and others, you are right, these type of prices will certainly cause us to lose visitors.”
“I wanted to go home last year and when I saw them kind of price, I was like … this ain’t make no sense.”
“You think I see anything yet, I almost pass out and decided I am not paying dem prices.”
“It’s crazy to me. I don’t understand at all how these prices get so.”
“I was checking flights since back in April for different times of the year. At one point it was up to $1600.”
“u think I see anything yet. I almost pass out & decided I am not paying dem prices.”
“Look like the closer it gets to carnival the higher the prices so I had to change dates”
“No man, there is mispricing going on,” responded Martin, who directed this message to tourism minister Grant: “Sir, I believe our island is being mispriced. These prices are 2 times average” to which the government’s chief propagandist, Wallis Wilkin replied: “Winter prices are always ridiculous.”
He was however told: “Not this high though, because I traveled winter plenty times.”
“This has never been the price to come home… this is double average price.”
“It cheaper to go Taiwan and pay you hotel and eat for a week than to come there (St Kitts),” noted Martin, who asked Wilkin: “What happened to the big announcement bout price reduction? That was just a few months? And they intend to make back the discount.”
An individual suggested: “Someone in tourism needs to call Dallas and fix this nonsense.”
Tourism needs to stand up against American airlines and figure out what we’re gonna do about certain taxes if we really want to influence air travel into St Kitts.

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