Cayon High School teachers refuse to enter building Monday afternoon; demand results of mold test conducted last week

Basseterre, St Kitts, August 26, 2019 – Would teachers and students of the Cayon High School get a new school after several faculty members were tested positive for high levels of mold.
Monday afternoon, several teachers refused to go on the compound to attend a meeting and demanded the results of tests on the building carried out only last week inspite of the long summer break.
The teachers in a sign of protest, stayed outside in shaded areas or under umbrellas, although a small number went in for the staff meeting scheduled to begin at 1.30 pm.
According to sources several teachers have tested positive for high levels of mold in their bodies, way above the acceptable limit of two percent.
In May this year, teachers at the Cayon High School signed a petition to force the government to take swift action in relation to the unhealthy situation at the educational institution.
The existence of mold and other health concerns at the Cayon High School had been known by government officials since March of this year when positive results of tests became known after several teachers began experiencing illnesses but no action was taken by the appropriate authorities.
“Nothing was done during the long summer break. To wait until last week to carry out the tests and then want us to go into the buildings even before we are told of the tests results is not only unconscionable but an abuse of our human rights to healthy working conditions and a healthy working environment,” a teacher said on Monday afternoon. The teacher spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization by the authorities.
“We are human beings. And what about the hundreds of children who could be affected and are affected, but nothing is being said to their parents and guardians,” another teacher said.
“Inspite of all that transpired in March and May, we teachers are still being kept in the dark by the minister and his ministry,” a third teacher said.
It is said the building was fumigated for rodents and termites.

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