Douglas Wattley: “This one-term Government is a royal waste of time, Only high mark is corruption”

Basseterre, St Kitts, September 5, 2019 -Talk show host Douglas Wattley has given a failing grade to the government.
“This government has failed. This government is a royal waste of time. They have failed in every aspect of government. The only thing that this government gets high marks for is corruption. When it comes to corruption that is the thing. They lead in the polls and they leading in real life. Corruption is the name of the game for this government, yet they want to stay in government,” said Wattley during his popular talk show “The Rebuttal” heard each Wednesday night on Kyss 102.5 FM.
“You have never heard any government in its first term turn out to be as corrupt as this government has been. And they want to stay in government, for what? Your first order of business was to set up and store for yourself, because you got a sense earlier o clock that you were only going to get one term. And because you recognized that you were only going to get one term, boy, watch pon thiefing, watch pon tek up, because you know you only going to get one term,” said Wattley.
Mr Wattley accused the government of “wanting to use all the tricks in the book to win an election and stay in power.”
He said the government has started to panic “and want to use all the tricks in the book to win an election, but we the people say no.”
“Who in their right mind would want to keep these people in power. To do what? Thief more. This is a one-term government,” said Wattley, who added: “We  shall restore order in the country once again.”
“Things will start to make sense in this country again. The next opportunity you get, vote right, vote Labour cause now you know that you have something to compare and now you know that Labour is always better. You can now compare. They not ready yet,” said Wattley.

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