Dr Terrance Drew: Eugene Hamilton has failed in agriculture, health, NHC and representation

Basseterre, St Kitts, August 27, 2019 – The St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) candidate for St. Christopher 8, Dr Terrance Drew is calling for the removal of Minister of Agriculture and the area’s Member of Parliament, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton in the next general election..
Citing Hamilton failures in all of the ministerial portfolios that Hamilton currently hold in the Timothy Harris-led Team Unity coalition, Dr Drew highlighted the shortcomings in the area of agriculture and called for the compensation of all livestock farmers who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in what he labelled “the massacre of the livestock industry of St Kitts and Nevis.”
Dr Drew said livestock farmers not only in St Christopher 8, but island-wide have lost hundreds of livestock due to various diseases not only depleting their incomes to sustain their families, resulting in a reduction of food security and an increase in the already high food import bill.
“One farmer, who had 20 heads of cattle has lost 18. He has lost EC$45,000 as a result of poor planning, late response and incompetence of the Hon Eugene Hamilton, who heads the ministry,” said Dr Drew, who reported that another farmer has lost his flock of sheep and goats and his stock of cattle is being depleted rapidly, resulting in a loss of EC$50,000, due to the absence of an adequate supply of Baticol.
Dr Drew mentioned the shade houses which were damaged or destroyed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria two years ago.
“Those shade houses have not been repaired or replaced. How does one expects agricultural production to increase?,” asks Dr Drew who pointed out that when the Team Unity Government took office in February 2015, one of the first assaults on the agriculture industry was to shut down the multi-million dollar 113-acre Cappisterre Farm at Belmont in St Paul’s which was financed by the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF).
“That farm provided fruits and vegetables for the local market. Today, the Department of Agriculture is reporting a 12 percent decrease in food production and a dramatic increase in the food import bill. The millions of dollars spent on importing food could have gone into the pockets of our local farmers,” said Dr Drew.
“While we can produce good wholesome foods here, we are importing processed foods that give our people high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, strokes and heart problems. Our beef is better than imported beef as our local beef is grass-fed,” explained Dr Drew, who pointed out that there is a difference between grain-fed animals and grass-fed animals.
“Our (local) meat is organic meat. It does not give heart attacks, like the other types of meat,” he said.
Dr Drew pointed out that food security for the people will play a pivotal and prominent role in the NextGen Labour Government.
“Hon Eugene Hamilton has failed the farmers. He has failed in the health sector. He has failed at NHC. He has failed in representation,” said Drew, who is also the chairman of the Labour Party.

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