Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing!


The silence has become more deafening than any one ear can bare. As I woke up to the sad news AGAIN of another senseless murder in my country where peace is supposed to abound, my heart fell even deeper as I began to reflect on previous years of our young men killing one another. Nevertheless there were those who claimed to be the voice of the majority who took the previous administration to task daily. Especially for what they claimed to be injustice to the people of the Federation in the area of the tabling of the Motion of No Confidence.

We heard from the Chamber of Industry & Commerce (CIC), the Church, the planter-class, government minsters from the sister island, and even educators. If I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed that all these individuals migrated and no longer have any interest in what is actually taking place in my country. I know for sure my assumptions are dead wrong as they are now sitting at the table of dictatorship of the island.

Within a period of three months we have lost two senior police officers who were in the prime of their lives. So the question comes to mind as to whether or not the church is still functioning and praying as they did in 2014 – 2015 for the motion of no confidence and murders taking place then. I can recall prayer meetings were held at a specific church yard in Basseterre, not to pray for peace but rather to convene political meetings against the government of that day. Now today the general public is wondering why a church which was constructed to hold over 300 worshipers has fewer than 30. It leaves me to wonder, where is the passion for prayer that this church once had?

Now, to the CIC, at their meetings, the main topic of the day back then under the former administration was anything that the government was seen to be failing to address, which consisted of crime, and the ever popular motion of no confidence. Again, where’s the passion that the CIC had yester-year?

Now, we have addressed those areas which appear to be of no interest. It is important to place our focus on those who once played the voice of the people, maybe they may have throat infections  which may hinder them from releasing their disgust over the crime and current situation in the form of commentaries. I wonder if they have accomplished their jobs by rallying heavily for the removal of the Labour government. So therefore to them there’s no need to address the seriousness of what is actually taking place where our law enforcement officers are murdered by the quarter. It is clear for all to see that those whom we placed to govern our country have no interest in the safety of our people but ony interest in enriching themselves and famalay.

I can recall a story I read in primary school of big belly Sharlow where a famine was in the land and he alone was getting fat. Is this a similar situation we are facing here in our island? I will allow the good people to be the judge and act accordingly based on their own findings.

I am calling out all those groups and individuals to speak out against what is taking place with the same passion that they did under the Labour government. We would not accept anything less but we will gladly accept more from you. Be brave and inform the populace that the Unity Government has failed the people of this beautiful Federation. To the church, I believe honesty is still the best policy. Amen


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