Government and Family cleared the air on rumours of the demise of the longest serving Deputy Governor

Ex Deputy Governor Elton Georges CMG, OBE
Ex Deputy Governor Elton Georges CMG, OBE
[Virgin Island News Online] ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Confusion and misinformation circulated like wildfire from Wednesday March 28, 2018 that the ailing former Deputy Governor of the Virgin Islands (VI) Mr Elton Georges CMG, OBE had died.

There were also many calls to our newsroom claiming this to be a fact, however, knowing our policy of thorough verification of information posted on the site, we found it not to be the case following our own investigations.

In fact, what we gathered is there may have been a mix-up in names with that of the late Virgin Gorda businessman, captain and pioneer Edwin A. George, who died on March 28, 2018, with that of Elton Georges.

Current Deputy Governor (DG) David D. Archer Jr, cleared up the confusion and paid a visit to the former DG Mr Georges on March 27, 2018. Mr Georges is currently a patient at Peebles Hospital in Road Town, the capital city.

Mr Archer, who is now acting Governor, was accompanied by former Deputy Governors Mrs Dancia Penn-Sallah OBE, QC and Mrs Rosalie Adams, according to a Government Information Service (GIS) statement.

Mr Georges was grateful to be greeted by the current and former Deputy Governors, according to the same statement.

God has not called me home- Georges

In addition, Mr Georges, who is the longest serving Deputy Governor of the Virgin Islands [1983-2003] and [2007-2008], stated: “Ladies and gentlemen of the Virgin Islands, I would like to take the opportunity of the untimely announcement of my mortal end to let my family, friends and the wider community know, that I am still very much alive. While I am experiencing some serious health challenges, I am comforted in knowing that the Lord that I serve has not yet called me home.”

Mr Georges, a retired civil servant who also served as the Territory’s first Complaints Commissioner [2009-2015], also added: “I do get a chance to hear of the happenings of our community and if I may, I would like to say to the men and women serving in our Public Service, that you must be ones to help our Territory move out of our current state into an arena that spurs on growth, opportunities for Virgin Islanders, and services that treat one and all with dignity and respect.”

The information surrounding his ailment was not disclosed in the public statement issued by GIS.

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