Cambridge Analytica, a company headed by one called Alexander Nix, has come under great heat, and rightly so, for the role it might have played in collaboration with Russian operatives in bringing Donald Trump to the White House. Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States angers many people in America and across the globe for what many see as an extreme right often blatantly racist agenda carried out by the administration in Washington. I believe that what make what happened in the US elections so objectionable to so many are (i) the interference by another state hostile to the United States in the elections of 2016 and (ii) the fact that the result of that interference could have been responsible for the emergence of Donald Trump and his hideous, anti-democratic political agenda.

What happened here in St. Kitts and Nevis in 2015 where airplane charters for one political faction were able to arrive in St. Kitts and Nevis, while charters for the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party were not able to, represents a most sordid chapter in our political history. Those who orchestrated that subversion of democracy that took place in February 2015 are no different from the Russians who meddled in the US elections in 2016. In fact, what happened here in 2015 was much worse.

Now to the matter of the so-called sting operation involving Mr. Lindsay Grant at the Marriott Hotel in 2010. In Mr. Grant’s case, no-one hacked his email accounts; no-one stopped his flights from landing; no-one forced him into a situation he did not wish to become involved in. Mr. Lindsay Grant in 2010 agreed to meet with a white man at the Marriott Hotel for the purpose of making a deal that he hoped would help him win the elections. He, without coercion, offered the people’s land up for sale. He, of his own volition, identified prime lands in this country for his sinister purposes when he met that white man at the Marriott.

It was Lindsay Grant who offered up information that he had overseas accounts through which he could filter the funds. In 2010, Lindsay Fitzpatrick Grant said exactly what was in his heart and soul. No white man, no SCL, nobody but Lindsay Grant, did anything to Lindsay Grant except Lindsay Grant himself. Lindsay Grant was not like the millions of unsuspecting voters in the United States who were, unbeknownst to them, under the influence of Russian state-sponsored election interference. Neither was he like the thousands of Labour Party supporters who became forcibly stranded on airports due to the subversive tactics employed by the then opposition and their state sponsor who kept their flights on the ground.

So, the fact that there is now much ado about the involvement of Cambridge Analytica in the US elections is not surprising given the monster which that has helped to create. Donald Trump has ushered in with his presidency what is now called the Post-truth Era or the Era of Alternative Truth and Alternative Facts. Moreover, Trump has unleashed a vicious attack on the fourth estate – The Press – labeling major news agencies ‘Fake News’ in his attempt to undermine confidence in the media and to undercut the value to democracy of objective reporting.

In the final analysis, whatever wrongs SCL, Cambridge Analytica, Henley & Partners and others have done, they must pay for those wrongs themselves just as Lindsay Grant must pay for his wrongs himself, too.

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