“Nowhere To Go”- SKN Nationals Residing Overseas; Harris Government Disowns Their Own

Nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis who are residing in foreign countries, more so, those living in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA), are left in the dust by the Timothy Harris-led Government who refuses to show any support in this time of uncertainty.

Caribbean nationals are being threatened with deportation by the UK and USA government. This is despite the fact that many of these persons have been living in these countries for more than thirty years and have contributed significantly to the development of these countries.

Differently from other Caribbean countries who are lending support to their people, those in government in St. Kitts and Nevis have started a journey to disenfranchise and detach themselves from those residing overseas.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Timothy Harris, the coalition government of St. Kitts and Nevis has started its process to inhibit native Kittitians and Nevisians residing overseas from voting, ultimately distancing them from their homes and preventing them from having a say in the affairs of their ‘born-in land’.

Despite the government’s decision being met with scrutiny and intense criticism from those residing locally and abroad, the Harris-led government has remained steadfast in their mission to disenfranchise their own people, all for political mileage.

At a time like this when the pressure of immigration and the uncertainty of a home, job or benefits are upon them as they continue to reside overseas, many of these persons have nowhere to turn.

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