Oscar Browne: Our birthright must mean something and must be respected.

Oscar Browne, Nevisian icon

Charlestown, Nevis, October 6, 2019 – Nevisian cultural icon, Oscar Browne, has defended the rights of Kittitians and Nevisians living overseas to remain on the register of voters as prime minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris has flip-flopped and seems hell-bent on disenfranchising them from voting in the upcoming general elections.
The several times-crowned Calypso monarch at the same time condemned what he said are the “nasty attacks on our people in the diaspora by some in my Unity Government and thus has forced me to add my voice to this debate.”
“I’m almost certain that every one of us at some point have had our lives impacted in some way by our family overseas when things were rough in St Kitts and Nevis. When we didn’t get and our neighbour get, we still got a share. We must never forget where we come from and how those barrels of food and clothes, especially at Christmas, used to feed and clothed us and how that little money sent back helped send many of us to school. My own father of recent blessed memory worked in Virgin Gorda (BVI) and in St Thomas (USVI) to help feed us back home in Brown Hill.
We beg our brothers and sisters to come home and fill our venues for Music Festival and for Culturama and for Carnival. We depend on NEVDC and NEVCAN and Hearts and Hands to help us provide scholarships and assistance to our people young and old. But now we are ready to attack our own people for politics,” said Browne in a FaceBook posting.
Agreeing that there are arguments on all sides to be made, Browne “condemn these foolish attacks on our people overseas. No matter where we live we remain forever and always proud Nevisians and Kittitians and we have contributed and we continue to contribute. Our birthright must mean something and must be respected. I worked long and hard to elect this Team Unity Government so I feel that I have every right to speak when I see some of them going astray. Our brothers and sisters overseas deserve our gratitude and respect,” said Browne.

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