PART 2: Is The Former St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister’s Life In Danger?



The ‘Hidden’ Facts

  1. The St. Paul’s Police Station has existed simultaneously with the Dieppe Bay Police Station and the Sandy Point Police Station for more than twenty years. The indefinite closure of the St. Paul’s Police Station leaves a specific section of the island of St. Kitts with little to no defence system. The people of St. Paul’s, Heldon’s and Kittitian Hill are now left to depend on the Dieppe Bay Police Station. The former Prime Minister also lives in St. Paul’s.


  1. The new tripartite government of St. Kitts-Nevis has refused to assign the required security detail to the former Prime Minister since he demitted office in 2015. He has no official chauffeur; his home has no official bodyguard, and he has no official security detail to accompany him on a daily basis.


  1. Sergeants Dwight Davis and Leon ‘Shabba’ Powell respectively were two police officers who were known to have excellent relationships with the former Prime Minister. Sergeant Powell was from Newton Ground and was at one point a bodyguard of the former Prime Minister when he was still in office. Sergeant Davis also had a close relationship with the former Prime Minister. On Easter Monday, it was he who drove the former Prime Minister around to various bars and liming spots in the villages to socialise and spread Easter wishes among the people.


  1. Both Sergeants Powell and Davis were in charge of two police stations with multiple police officers under their command.


  1. On August 13th, 2018, five days before Sergeant Powell’s murder, Bevis’ shop in St. Paul’s was robbed. Bevis escaped with his life after having being hit with a gun’s butt by one of the assailants.


  1. A 17-year old boy was charged with Sergeant Dwight Davis’ murder in short order. Vincent Taylor of Sandy Point was quickly identified as the man who shot and killed Sergeant Leon ‘Shabba’ Powell. Vincent Taylor was later cornered in a shoot-out with law enforcement where he sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body. His autopsy report said he died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.


  1. Constable Lennon Hodge is from St. Paul’s. He has willingly dedicated his off-duty time to providing the former Prime Minister with security and chauffeur services and has been doing so for nearly four years. After having driven the  former Prime Minister and other Opposition Parliamentarians in the official convoy on Independence Day, September 19th, he was arrested and charged while on duty and in uniform with the offences of “driving with an expired license.” The consequence of the offence is customarily a traffic ticket and a fine. However, Officer Hodge was arrested and charged and the matter proceeded to court. He was granted bail on September 21stand given a court date of October 11th. On Wednesday 3rd October, Officer Hodge was informed that the hearing had been brought forward to Thursday 4th  October 2018. Upon appearing in court on the newly scheduled appearance date, Magistrate His Worship Reynold Benjamin informed that the matter had been adjourned to November 29th at 9 AM. This gave way to him being placed on suspension with half pay. A police officer on suspension has no service weapon.


  1. Customs Officer Leon Natta was arrested and charged for failing to renew his firearm license. As in the case of Constable Hodge, this was an instance where documentation simply was not updated or kept up to date. Mr Natta’s personal weapon was unnecessarily confiscated by law enforcement on October 8th, 2018, two days before his arrest on October 10th, 2018.


  1. Over the past three years, the former Prime Minister has received a number of sinister threats to his life by way of a pseudo-Facebook profile named ‘Mable Richards’. He reported these threats to local law enforcement each time they were issued. Although a threat on the life of a former Head of Government is a very serious matter, next to nothing has been done with regard to an investigation into revealing the person(s) concealing themselves behind this social media profile in cyberspace.(To be continued…)

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