Prosecution Unprepared In Firearm Case Against Leon Natta-Nelson

The matter brought against community activist Leon Natta-Nelson, by the government, alleging that he was in possession of an illegal firearm has been adjourned until September of this year, 2019, as a result of the government’s prosecution being far from prepared and not in a position for the matter to proceed.

Natta-Nelson made an appearance before the Court today, February 18th, 2019, only to be told to return seven (7) months from now.

This seems to be a trend of the Timothy Harris-led government, that continues to abuse the court as a means to victimize and to create a cloud of fear over the heads of those who do not support the tripartite government. The government continues to drag innocent citizens into the court, only to be ill-prepared and lacking any coherent set of information or facts to support their case.

The political targeting of Natta-Nelson came about as a result of his growing popularity in his community and constituency number 7, and Prime Minister Harris’ increasing fear of losing the constituency.

In October 2018, Timothy Harris apparently instructed his sister, Magistrate Donna Harris, to sign a warrant of arrest for Mr. Natta, under the pretext of his failure to renew his licensed firearm, despite the fact that at the time of the arrest, the firearm was already licensed. He was then charged for the possession of an illegal firearm.

This sordid political action on the part of the government was met with much anger from persons of the community, who saw this development as a clear act of victimization by Timothy Harris.

Natta became a target for Timothy Harris after he was recognized by the community as someone they would support as their next representative in the next general elections.

This matter, just like many others, highlights Harris’ fascist and gestapo traits, confirming that he is aware that the people of St. Kitts and Nevis have justifiably turned against him. This feeds into Dr. Harris’ commitment to his sadistic and twisted custom of victimizing and tormenting anyone who dares to oppose him.

This matter also highlights Dr. Harris’ direct control over the Court, with one sister as a Magistrate and another as the Registrar.

Despite Harris’ attack and attempt to frustrate Mr. Leon Natta-Nelson, he [Leon] has declared his commitment of service to the people of Constituency number seven. Regardless of whether this ‘political’ case is heard now or later, or not at all, Mr. Leon Natta-Nelson will not in any way be prevented from serving the people of Constituency #7 as their next choice of constituency representative.

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