CARICOM gone mad!

Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados
Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados

The new Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley has just spent a shilling from her credibility bank account.
As a Caricom national with a life of public service in the Judiciary, Legislature and Executive arms of government, I feel more than eligible to call her out for conduct I considered inimical to the ideals of the Charter of the Caribbean Community. I wrote on my Facebook page of her entertaining and cutting a back room deal with the new owners of Ross University Medical school of Dominica to facilitate its wholesale removal from that island virtually overnight on to the shores of Barbados. Within one week of her election as Prime Minister the first direct and formal approaches were made to her government in this regard. Despite knowing of the forty year association of the Medical School with Dominica and its people on which island it was conceived and incrementally blossomed Mottley did not even on one occasion call ‘her good friend’ Roosevelt Skerrit the Prime Minister of Dominica to speak to him on the issue even if to verify the ‘facts’ fed to her by the new owners of Ross College. She sat one body away from him at the recent Heads of Government Meeting of the Caribbean Community. She kept her talks secret and away from Skerrit.
In the meanwhile, the Dominica government and its authorities were working assiduously to return the campus area in Picard back to a state of Pre Hurricane Maria normalcy at great expense to the Dominican taxpayer so as to facilitate the return of Ross College by September 2018.
Contrary to what was being said by Ross and the information supposedly fed the Barbados Prime Minister the Picard Campus will be ready for its first semester next month, and certainly by January 2019. What causes me considerable disquiet from Bridgetown is the Prime Minister’s statement with a straight face that her officials have been ‘in contact with the Dominica officials’ between May 31-August 4 when she appeared in a press conference with the President and CEO of the parent company of Ross to announce the pull out and landing in Barbados. Having sourced my facts from the best sources in Roseau, I can write this morning to say that this assertion is untrue. No Dominica government official was in any formal communication with Barbados. Lawyers are known to build cases for their clients on false premises. As to whether the Prime Minister Mia Mottley was misled to make this statement or did it without first checking on its veracity is debatable but from Adolf Hitler to Donald Trump history is replete with leaders deliberately lying to convince rabid supporters of their cause. In my own short lived ministerial career in government a white lie was thrown at a gullible public by my own Prime Minister to take me out. I know that lawyers often lie and I know that Prime Ministers also lie for they know that few will check the facts at source to expose the truth. Sadly, Mia Amor Mottley is caught lying in her public response to the secrecy and subterfuge behind the decision of her government to undermine the well being of a people still struggling to recover from the devastation of a category 5 storm less than one year ago. I publicly call her out for this lie and call upon Caricom leaders to condemn her conduct for it is nothing short of reprehensible.
In a now exposed letter of the Dominican Prime Minister dated July 9, 2018 to the CEO of the new parent company of Ross University, he gave her an update on every issue and assured her that the Campus would be ready for even an early restart of operations in September NEXT MONTH. Mottley appears to be completely oblivious of these facts but goes on in her holier than thou statement to predicate her decision to welcome Ross on its CEO’s position that the Campus would not be ready by the intended restart in January. Again she did not care to call ‘her very good friend’ to see if this was true. Was this a case of subterfuge if she had been informed of the contents of Skerrit’s detailed three page letter, or was she duped by the American on account of material non disclosure? Whichever it is will be of no moment now that Ross has succeeded in executing its plan after enjoying 40 years of an exclusivity concession by Dominica to allow it to grow its product with no competition whatsoever. Does Mia Mottley know that Members of the Medical Council of Dominica remain in the middle of on-going accreditation talks with Ross who has reportedly issued airline tickets for a resumption of those negotiations in Miami just next week? The Ross President and CEO has left the Dominica bride waiting at the alter while the groom has run off with the ‘horner-woman’ to Barbados.
As Martin Daly SC, an accomplished lawyer in Trinidad and Tobago would say, ‘Mia beg sorry’ so we can move forward.

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