Water Rationing Continues;  Patches Responsible For Neglecting Contract For More Water

Residents of St. Peter’s and the surrounding areas are up in arms with the local water department as issues with the availability of water persist.

Following one month of water rationing in February, the water department announced on Sunday 18th March, a new water schedule outlining when water would be available for use to the residents of St. Peter’s, New Road, Gillard Meadows, Pine Gardens and Shadwell.

The water department has been receiving heavy criticism from the general public since in 2017as people then spoke publicly about issues within the department, and the long periods without water their homes had to endure.

Minister of Public Works & Utilities, Hon. Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, was also chastised by persons who alleged that the minister was deliberately avoiding addressing the complaints.

On public radio sometime last month, Lennox Liburd, a staunch supporter of the Peoples Action Movement and Team Unity Government, publicly accused Minister Ian Patches Liburd of being responsible for the unfortunate situation where residents in a number of areas suffer from an adequate supply of potable water.

Lennox made reference to the contract between the former government led by Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas, and Bedrock Exploration and Development (BEAD), whose exploratory well drilling would have made available an additional 2.5 million gallons of potable water daily during the drought period.

Lennox stated that after three years of the Team Unity coalition being in office, the wells that BEAD found still remain unconnected to the St. Kitts Water System. He said he is aware as a fact that BEAD found water in Shadwell and Old Road and was waiting on Minister Ian Liburd to approve the connection.

Persons from St. Peter’s and the surrounding areas in the meantime are forced to keep a great deal of water in storage both inside and outside their homes. With the heat already upon us, this situation may very well lead to major health issues.

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